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Personalized and bilingual children’s fairytale books
where the hero is your child

"We celebrate the richness of diversity, the power of inclusivity and the respect for each talent."

Make your child become the hero
of the book!

Here is our personalisable library for children 0-10 years

How to personalize
the books of Il mondo di Emilia?

Choose the book

Choose the book you prefer, based on: the child’s age, the values you want to focus on, your taste.


Enter the name and photo of the child: he / she is the protagonist!


Enter the PHOTO and the SIGNATURE of the gift giver.

Wait at home

Receive your personalized book and have fun!


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Handcrafted product, 100% Educational

Made in Italy. Written, read and recommended by moms, dads and teachers.

Environmentally conscious

Recycled paper from sustainable sources

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Why choose Il Mondo di Emilia?

“Enough with the toys!
The children have a room full of them! "
“What are the right words to best teach my kids? "
“For Valeria's son I would like to find
something truly personal "
" This year I'd like to offer my employees something really original and relevant to them... "
“What can I bring to the kids
for Tommaso's birthday party? "
“What if I find something that might
also be useful for tomorrow? "