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Welcome to
“The world of Emilia”

Me, Emilia


I’m Emilia and … I’m a real girl!

I live in Milan, with mum, dad and my little sister, Marghe. I also lived in Lugano, Switzerland for a while. So green …

I already swim alone where my feet don’t touch, I just learned to ride a bike without little wheels (yeah!), I play the cello and when I was little I danced the pizzica.

Lately I like young chefs on TV so much! they have some amazing recipes ….. Oh yeah, I’m almost going to school …

Il Mondo di Emilia

Hello everybody,
I’m Emilia’s uncle!
Maybe it is because I don’t have my own children but Emilia and all her friends, not to mention all the children, are for me a great source of inspiration and creativity.

When Emilia was born it was obviously an immense joy
As time passed, this joy was transformed into the desire to offer her special consideration, respectful of the way she is and which could teach her something new for a happy tomorrow.
So every year, on the occasion of her birthday … I wrote her a book!


And this is how

“Il Mondo di Emilia”… was born.

Il Mondo di Emilia believes:

that diversity is a strength
that every human being has talent and deserves respect, without any distinction as to nationality, tastes, religion
that there are so many different social models of family in which love reigns
that foreign languages are a resource for finding more opportunities
That friendship and community spirit are factors of well-being for anyone

Il Mondo di Emilia's books


Each book is unique, tailor-made for each child, the men and women of tomorrow, a deliberately non-digital, authentic, sensorial gift, at the basis of individual and collective intelligence.


Each book is bilingual and contains interactive games to stimulate, without having to resort to an I-Pad.


Each book is an original solution to those who are looking for a gift at some point in their life, for their child, for their best friend's newborn, for their child's classmates, for the children of their colleagues.

My team

Obviously in my team you’ll find my mum Elisa, my dad Denis, my little sister Margherita and all my grandparents and uncles… but there are too many of them to give you all the names!
All of them, apart from Uncle Boris, however, did not work on creating “Il mondo di Emilia” (The world of Emilia).

“Il mondo di Emilia” was born from the creative ideas of another team:
Authors and illustrators, men and women, parents, couplet, singles, Italians and people from other countries (France for example, which is Emilia’s mother’s favorite country ….)

Super cool poets and artists or, as my uncle Boris says, very talented and with different sensibilities (in front of certain images I was left speechless).


I want to present them to you because they really deserve it….

Cristina Marsi

Author of Pirates and treasures

Dunja Jogan

Illustrator of Pirates and treasures

Giacomo Mascellani

Illustrator of The desert rose , The rainbow building

Martina Borsari

Illustrator of The cabin under the snow , Otto under the water

Matteo Ricevuto

Author of The desert rose , The magic orchids

Rosanna Agnelli

Author of The cabin under the snow , The butterflies and the pagoda

Sara Schifano

Author of My supersonic future

Toni Serianni

Illustrator of A dwarf mystery

Valeria Crivellari

Author of Otto under the water

Valery Nettavongs

Illustrator of The magic orchids

Aurore Nettavongs

Illustrator of My supersonic future , The butterflies and the pagoda

The study fund

Il mondo di Emilia is committed to generously donating part of its revenues to one or more non-profit organizations committed to promoting the education of children.

New rules have profoundly changed the relations that bind the world of commerce to the world of NGOs, creating separation barriers. This is why it is no longer possible to propose a once widely used mechanism, such as “on each book sold, € 1 will be donated to …”.
Alternatively, an Emilia & friends study fund will allow us to engage in benevolent actions, which will be appropriately oriented towards the project judged to be the most structured and most effective for educational purposes, in Italy or abroad.